Using Social Media To Boost Your Business

By Andrea Gonsalves

  • 23rd April 2020

I’m sure all of us have at least one of the following accounts; Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Google, LinkedIn, TikTok, Snap Chat, WeChat, etc.. In this blog post, I’m going to explain how one can use social media marketing for business. According to statistics, around 3.8 billion people, worldwide use social media on a daily basis. Meanwhile, in India, the number of social media users has grown to 351.4 million. Furthermore, sources from ‘The Hindu’ report that on average, Indian users spend 2.4 hours on social media every day. 

 Imagine, what if all these platforms apart from offering entertainment and helping you connect with long lost friends and loved ones start selling you products and services. This is a reality today. Gone are the days when consumers went to the market in search of their needs. Presently, markets are reaching consumers’ doorsteps through the power of social media.

Using Social Media to Boost your Business:

  • Facebook: Creating a Facebook Page on which you can list your product offerings and services is a great way to showcase your business to the world. Through the use of Marketplace Ads, you can target customers of different age groups and regions. You can read more about marketplace in our blog post What is Facebook Marketplace? Likewise, by using sponsored posts, you can increase the engagement rate of your posts and the number of impressions.
  • YouTube: It is a video platform. Hence, YouTube may initially not seem like a suitable tool for marketing. You can provide awesome, informative, and creative content, like webinars, tutorials, product demonstrations, etc… By this, your business can attract customers.
  • Instagram: It is one of the most popular social media platforms. By creating a business account on Instagram, you can drive traffic to your website. You can also promote your products with photos, offer promotions, and exclusive discounts to followers and use hashtags to widen your brands discoverability. For more information check out our blog post Intro to Instagram
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a social media platform for professionals. Creating a LinkedIn page for your business can provide prospective customers with opportunities to learn more about your brand, about the people who work there and engage them using relevant content. LinkedIn is largely focused on B2B connections. Through it you can connect to other similar businesses and look for prospective business partners. LinkedIn also can be used as a warm calling tool where you can connect with prospective customers.

What is the reason for this shift in advertisement approach?

  • Consumers Shopping Habits: With the rise in E-Commerce Solutions (Online Shopping websites like Flipkart, Amazon), people don’t wait for festivals to shop for new clothes. People look for offers and discounts.
  • Internet Penetration: Rapid development of technology has increased internet penetration in society. Consequently, information about different products and services is available at everyone’s fingertips, just with a simple Google Search.
  • Social Media Reach: As quoted earlier, statistics show that the number of people on social media is increasing daily. It is time for business to be where their prospective customers are. Social Media Platforms create new opportunities to sell and market your products and services.

Benefits of social media marketing in your business?

  • Widens your customer base: Every Business needs new clients every month or year, for their business development strategy. Hence, catering to the same territory may not give you the required new clients. Social media boosts your business to reach new territories and connect with prospective new clients.
  • Minimizes cost: Social media marketing will help businesses to run profitably by cutting their direct marketing expenses to a minimum.
  • Promote your brand: Social Media Marketing has emerged as an effective tool in brand promotion. Social Media can be used to advertise your products and service offerings to people and convert them into loyal customers.
  • Increase Sales: By providing attractive offers and discounts through social media, you can capture the attention of people and use this to boost your sales.

If you own a small – medium-sized business, I recommend you choose at least 2 social media platforms and start a marketing campaign on it. Because, this will really help you boost your business and provide you with the advantages I mentioned above. 

So you have decided to use social media marketing for business. What then? Call us and we will help you chart out a plan to build your digital presence through Social Media. At Market Bird, we offer a number of Social Media Management Plans to cater to different types of businesses. Please feel free to email us at or call at +917204592231 .


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